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Zboruri către şi dinspre Bruxelles

In perioada 20 – 29 Mai 2016, Compania TAROM va opera zboruri pe aeroportul Bruxelles – Zaventem, după orarul afișat mai jos.
Pentru mai multe informatii referitoare la orar, apasati linkul Mai multe detalii.

  • Luni, Marti, Miercuri, Joi, Vineri si Sambata (ore locale):
    • RO371 – OTP – BRU: 07:20 - 09:10
    • RO372 – BRU – OTP: 11:25 - 15:05
  • Luni, Marti, Miercuri, Joi, Vineri si Duminica (ore locale):
    • RO373 – OTP - BRU: 16:50 18:40
    • RO374 – BRU - OTP: 19:25 23:05

Vă adresam rugămintea de a vă prezenta la aeroportul Zaventem cu 3 ore înainte de cursă pentru efectuarea formalităților și de a verifica site-ul pentru informații actualizate.

I understand


People with disabilities

In order to provide you with the best assistance during your trip, please notify us about any special assistance request at the time of booking but no later than 72 hours before departure.

Also, please note that some of our flights may be operated by other airlines, as part of a code-share agreement, with rules that may be more restrictive than our own and, therefore, we will not be able to confirm your requests.

If your journey involves a second flight, we strongly advise you take in consideration a difference of at least 1hour and 30 minutes between flights when you book your trip.

For your comfort and safety, we must take into account several factors, such as: your general health status and type of disability, the requested equipment, the air carriers involve and the maximum limits by type of aircraft, before we can confirm your special assistance request. Due to aircraft seat limitation designed to accommodate passengers with reduced mobility (PRM), TAROM strongly suggest to make your booking in advance.

While medical clearance if not usually required, we recommend contacting your physician to determine if you are fit to travel in the following cases:

  • If you need a stretcher;
  • If you need an incubator;
  • If you are pregnant;
  • If you had surgery recently;
  • If you need oxygen therapy;
  • If you have a contagious disease;
  • If you need medical assistance or special care during the flight.

For all the cases stated above, you must have a medical certificate, issued by your attending physician, stating you are fit to travel on the date and itinerary requested.

If you need a stretcher/incubator, please note there are certain limitations for each type of aircraft. Please take into account there are additional costs involved, both at the departure airport and at your final destination, for this type of service. These costs concern ambulance access to/from the aircraft and access to restricted areas. The stretcher/incubator shall be charged at the rate established by TAROM.

If you need oxygen therapy, you are not allowed to bring your own oxygen tanks. TAROM provides this service free of charge, provided you have a medical certificate stating the quantity of oxygen per minute required and whether you need the extra oxygen continuously or intermittently, specifying the time intervals.

If you are transporting full or empty syringes for personal use we recommend obtaining a medical certificate. This will facilitate your passage at airport security checks.

Passengers with reduced mobility

If your mobility is reduced as a result of a disability, temporary or permanent, that is motor, visual, hearing or mental based or due to your age or illness, TAROM is committed to assist you throughout your entire journey in order to make you trip as comfortable as possible. If you fall in any of these categories, you may need a medical clearance issued by you attending physician, stating you are fit to travel on the date and itinerary requested.

For the safety of the disabled or reduced mobility passengers, TAROM may require the presence of a travel companion with the specific role of assisting in case of emergency or with basic needs (using the aircraft rest-rooms, feeding or taking medication).

A travel companion is required only in the following cases:

  • If the passenger has a severe mental disability that prevents him or her from understanding and applying safety instructions.
  • If the passenger is both blind and deaf, thereby preventing the possibility of communication with the crew.
  • If the passenger needs special care or medical assistance during the flight.
  • If the passenger, due to a disability (e.g. missing both arms) is unable to take food or use the aircraft rest-room independently.
  • If the passenger is not physically capable of participating in an aircraft evacuation.

The travel companion must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be over the age of 18.
  • Must be able-bodied and mentally fit.
  • Must not take care of another passenger with reduced mobility or of a child less than 5 years of age.

All of our aircraft are equipped with foldable armrest seats. However, there are a limited number of seats dedicated for persons with reduced mobility. Please check the availability of such seats when you make your booking.

For you safety, in case of an evacuation, you cannot travel on an emergency exit row.

Wheelchairs or mobility aids

If your mobility is restricted by either a disability, your health or age, or a temporary mobility condition (e.g. broken leg), please specify this at the time of booking, preferably no later than 48 hours before departure.

In addition to the medical equipment, you may travel with up to 2 (two) wheelchairs or mobility aids, free of charge.

If you plan to travel with your own wheelchair/mobility aid, you should notify us, preferably at the time of booking but no later than 48 hours before departure, specifying the weight and size. For battery powered wheelchairs/mobility aids, you have to specify whether they are specially designed to allow their batteries to be removed, the type of battery (wet, dry or Lithium based) and the Wh* rating of each battery for lithium based batteries.

*- Power in watt hours may not be indicated on the battery. Therefore, you must determine its power by multiplying the voltage (V) with the amperage (Ah):

Power (Wh) = 2V x 10Ah = 20Wh

Service animals

If you plan to travel with a service animal, please notify us at the time of booking but no later than 48 hours before departure.

Service animals are accepted free of charge.

Only dogs are accepted as service animals provided the animal holds a medical certificate and as long as the work or task performed is directly related with the handler's disability.

When travelling with a service animal, make sure you fulfill the following requirements:

  • The animal shall be properly harnessed and muzzled (not applicable for life saving dogs).
  • The animal shall not be allowed to move around the cabin.

Also, please note that your service animal may not occupy a seat.

  • Traveling to UK and UAE with services dogs is restricted by the local authority. You have to make advance arrangements with the aforementioned States when travelling with pets.
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