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The second largest city in Switzerland after Zurich, by the number of inhabitants, Geneva has been acknowledged as the "centre of international meetings", as well as the city with the highest quality of life, ranking the first along with Zurich. Geneva is located at the western extremity of the country, as the capital of the canton of the same name and is one of the most important production centres of watchmaking worldwide.

The most important tourist attractions of the area are Jet d'Eau Fountain, a valve that pumps water 140 meters into the sky, Cathedral St. Pierre, located in the highest point of the old city and the island Rousseau, Geneva's most popular view. Rousseau is an extremely romantic island, bearing the name of the famous philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau and, as a true bastion of peace and leisure it also holds a bird sanctuary.


Direct flights from Bucharest to Geneva starting from November 26th, 2013

The flights will have the following schedule, displayed in local times:


RO 351 8:10 Bucharest - 9: 55 Geneva
RO 352 10:40 Geneva - 14:15 Bucharest


RO 351 13:35 Bucharest - 15:20 Geneva
RO 352 16:10 Geneva - 19:45 Bucharest

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  • How to get from the airport to the city
  • Distance from the airport: 4 km


  • 021.303.44.00
  • 021.303.44.44


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