Due to the restrictions of the National Committee on Emergency Situations, Decision 5 from 09.03.2020, TAROM decided to cancel the flights to Rome, between 09 and 23 March.

TAROM passengers with tickets issued on flights from Bucharest to Rome and Rome to Bucharest, having the travel period between 09 and 23 March 2020, can choose one of the following options:

Passengers with Romanian nationality can be involuntary rerouted, with a connection, on any route in order to arrive in Romania, but on their return in the country, according to the instructions of the authorities, they will be obliged to go into quarantine.

Passengers with any other nationality will be rerouted to Romania only after the restriction is lifted, otherwise they will be refused on boarding.

All passengers may opt for involuntary full refund of the tickets or for the issuance of a voucher for the paid airplane tickets that will be used on a future travel.

For reissuing the tickets, please contact TAROM Call-Center at the following number: 021.9361 or at the e-mail: contact@tarom.ro.