On June 25th, 2016, an aircraft flew for the first time from Iasi, to the capital city of Spain

Iasi, June 26th, 2016 

Iasi International airport inaugurated on June 25th, 2016 the first direct flight IASI-MADRID, flight which will be carried out weekly by TAROM National Company.             

Therefore, citizens of Iasi, but also the inhabitants in the N-E region, have now the possibility to travel to this new destination every Wednesday and Saturday. The airplane takes off from Iasi at 19:50 and arrives at the Barajas Airport (Madrid) at 23:05. The take-off from Madrid is at 00:10 and the airplane lands in Iasi at 05:10.

The new flight is introduced as a result of the intense negotiations with the air operator, who understood the need of connecting Iasi with strong European centres.

The launch of the first flight to the capital city of Spain took place at the Iasi Airport, in the new passengers terminal. The event started with a press conference, followed by cutting the thematic cake. The program also included shows of Spanish traditional dance and classical guitar songs. The climax was the aircraft “baptism”, under the arch of water and the journalists had the opportunity to watch the take-off towards the new destination. 


Marius BODEA, President of the Board of Administration of Iasi International Airport:

“Throughout the time, Madrid was the most required destination by those who want to travel from Iasi Airport and, after long discussions with our strategic partner, TAROM National Company, this dream of the Iasi community, but also of the entire Nord-East region became a reality starting with June 25th, 2016. Iasi is directly connected with the new European capital city, Madrid being a strong industrial and university centre of Europe, a very attractive tourist destination, hosting yearly more than 30 million visitors. Besides all this, Madrid is the place where our fellow countrymen left for work and now it is time for them to return home easier or for their families here to go where they work. Obviously, this became possible due to a strong collaboration with TAROM and we will continue to develop all necessary routes so that Iasi becomes connected to more and more destinations in Europe and more. The new investment of TAROM company in Iasi has the chance to be a successful one and we really want that such partnership becomes even more consistent. I want to thank again the national company for the openness and trust.”                                           

Costin CIOTEC, Marketing and Sales Officer TAROM:

“The inauguration of Iasi-Madrid flight is a success for our company. With this flight, TAROM reaches 19 frequencies per week and eight destinations on external routes from Iasi, together with the other 30 weekly frequencies on the internal route Otopeni. Over 10% of the passengers travelling with TAROM are boarded and de-boarded on Iasi Airport and we hope to exceed this year the threshold of 250,000 passengers. Iasi Airport is an important partner for TAROM, located in an area with a significant development potential. We will give a special attention to the activity increase on this airport, and I am referring here including to flights offering the possibility of connections towards more remote destinations”. 

Paul BUTNARIU, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Iasi:

“I salute the introduction of the direct route Iasi-Madrid  and I am glad that a company such as TAROM gives and increased attention to our airport. In addition, not only the Chamber of Commerce in Iasi, but also the other Chambers in the Nord-East region appreciates the increase of the number of flights and, especially, of the number of passengers of Iasi Airport. This is obviously due to an efficient management and an excellent collaboration with the air companies coming to invest in Iasi. I am really glad that the business agents have so many possibilities to travel to economically stronger European cities. One of the beneficial effects of the Iasi Airport development is that the number of tourists in our area is higher than the sum of all the other county capital cities in the N-E region, a special performance for our city. Due to the access possibilities provided by the air flights from  Iasi Airport, conferences, symposiums are developing, everything on the horizontal industry related to these businesses. I appreciate the development possibilities in Iasi and the Chamber of Commerce already suggested some ideas from the business environment, respectively new development ideas for routes, namely Amsterdam and Heathrow – London, destinations allowing much faster intercontinental connections”.


We remind you that Iasi-Madrid is the first external flight introduced by TAROM, this year, in the flight schedule of Iasi Airport. Currently, TAROM National Company operates direct flights from Iasi to seven external destinations: MADRID, MUNICH, LONDON, ROME, BOLOGNA, TURIN and TEL AVIV, but it also has internal flights to OTOPENI.



IAS 19:50 – MAD 23:05

MAD 00:10 – IAS 05:10