Dear passengers,

According to the regulation applicable in Romania, starting today, December 20, 2021, all passengers regardless of nationality and risk area from which they come, must fill in the digital entry form in Romania Passenger Locator Form (PLF), which has already been adopted by 18 Member States of the European Union.

The platform where the form can be filled in is available starting December 20, 2021 at

The form must be filled in individually with a maximum of 24 hours before entering Romania, from your phone, tablet or computer.

It is not necessary to present the form on printed paper.

We also inform you that starting December 20, 2021, the old entry form on the territory of Romania is no longer valid.

Due to high flow of passengers during this period and the large volume of documents which have to be checked by the DSP, the border police, etc., the waiting time for entering the country may be longer than the  normal one.

Thank you foryour  understanding!