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TAROM Information : Strike at the control and security points on Frankfurt International Airport

Bucharest / 14.03.2022

Please note that due to the strike of the security staff from Frankfurt International Airport on  March 15, 2022, the air traffic on this airport will be disrupted.

In this context, TAROM announces that the flight schedule for take-off flights from Frankfurt International Airport will be affected, undergoing changes during the strike. In this sense,  passengers of the flight ROT 302 from March 15, 2022, FRA -> OTP, will be re-routed on  TAROM flight from March 16, 2022.

TAROM's staff is mobilized to provide assistance any time and to minimize the impact that this situation could have on the passengers' travel plan.

For any additional details, please contact TAROM Call Center by phone:

  • (004) 021.9978
  • (004) 0800.500.131 (TelVerde)
  • (004) 0371,529,000

email: / or the agency through which the travel reservation was made.

Although this situation is not generated by the national flag carrier, we apologize to all affected passengers!