IMPORTANT! For international destinations, it is MANDATORY to fill in the online forms requested by the authorities and to present all the documents requested to fulfill the travel conditions for Covid-19. Travel conditions for Covid-19 can be also founded on:

Following recent informative Bulletins regarding measures carried out by the pertinent authorities in the aim for mitigating Covid-19 widespread and impact, this is to inform you:

There is no incoming traffic Ban for European Union passengers arriving in Greek airports. Instead, there will be a 14 days auto isolation at home for all European citizens arriving on international flights, effective

20.03.2020 at 12:00 local time.

All arriving international passengers must fill an on purpose developed form with their Personal details.

The forms are here: 

The above forms will be distributed to passengers at origin or on board the aircraft during the flight and delivered for further processing to Civil Protection and EODY (National Organization of Public Health) in

the airports.

Groups of Civil protection employees will be present at preselected points of the arrival flows to provide arriving International passengers with informative Covid-19 material, including the quarantine details.

For randomly selected incoming flights Health checks will be carried out upon arrival by a group of EODY Health experts.

Within the next few days and with the duration until the end of April flights to/from Athens and Thessaloniki will be maintain under a special flight schedule.

All passengers have the possibility to opt for rebooking their flights free of charge,only by paying the fare difference/ airport taxes, if the initial one is not available or applicable on the new travel dates.

Please contact your travel agent or any TAROM agency in Romania and abroad.