IMPORTANT! For certain international destinations, before arriving at the airport, it is MANDATORY to fill in the online forms requested by the authorities and to show at the check-in point the confirmation code

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Dear passengers,

Upon request, we have introduced some special flights:

  • BUCHAREST - PARIS - BUCHAREST, travel dates: 18 JUNE, 26 JUNE, 28 JUNE
  • BUCHAREST – AMSTERDAM – BUCHAREST , travel dates: 17 JUNE, 21 JUNE, 26 JUNE, 27 JUNE
  • BUCHAREST – BRUSSELES – BUCHAREST , travel dates: 16 JUNE, 19 JUNE, 26 JUNE
  • BUCHAREST – LONDON – BUCHAREST , travel dates: 18 JUNE,  23 JUNE, 25 JUNE, 30 JUNE
  • BUCHAREST – MADRID – BUCHAREST , travel dates: 21 JUNE, 28 JUNE
  • BUCHAREST – ROMA – BUCHAREST , travel dates: 23 JUNE

Flights are operated are operated under special conditions, under the incidence of HG 394/18 May 2020, annex 3, art. 4. and for these reasons, passengers who will be accepted on board must be part of  the following categories: 

  • From Europe to Romania will be accepted only Romanian citizens who want repatriation according to art. 4, para. J.
  • From Romania to Europe the following conditions are required:

- to be citizens of the destination country or
- to be seasonal workers with labor contract according to art. 4, para. I or
- to be workers in the transport sector, according to  Annex No 3, to the Communication regarding the  implementation of green lanes, under the guidelines on border management measures to protect health and ensure the availability of essential goods and  services - C (2020 1897 / 23.03.2020).

  • Starting June 08, Great Britain has introduced mandatory quarantine for all those who will enter its territory.

Please fill in this form on… before the flight, mandatory condition for entering in Great Britain.

Before the flight, please follow  the special travel conditions, which you can find here: 

Tickets can be procured from, mobile application and from any TAROM agency.

Online check-in is free of charge online or in the airport.
Good luck on booking!


Special flights have a different operating regime than commercial ones and are subject to the legislation in force.

With these special flights can travel all those who meet the conditions specified in GD 394 of 18 May 2020.

To check if your flight is special, please look at its number, all special flights have the number after the following format - RO7xxx. The number 7 followed by the 3 digits indicates that the flight is special.

You can see the flight number on the ticket, on the booking confirmation and on the boarding pass