1. Date of participation notice: 04 July 2017

2. Purchaser: COMPANIA NATIONALA DE TRANSPORTURI AERIENE ROMANE TAROM S.A. („TAROM”); registration number with the Trade Register: J23/1298/24.07.2003; tax registration number: RO477647; Address: Calea Bucurestilor nr. 224F, Otopeni, Ilfov county; phone: (021)201.47.00; fax (021)201.47.61.

3. Procedure applied for the award of the procurement contract: OPEN TENDER.

a) Location where the services are to be provide: in accordance with the provisions of the awarding documentation.

b) Nature of the services: Maintenance services on PW 127E and PW 127M engines.

4. Quantity of services: in accordance with the provisions of the awarding documentation.

5. Option for procurement of additional services: as per the awarding documentation provisions.

6. Instructions on the bidder’s options to submit the offer for a part of or the entire quantity of services: the offer must be submitted for the entire quantity of the services required in accordance with the provisions of the awarding documentation – partial offers are not accepted.

7. a) Duration of the procurement contract: 5 (five) years.

Effective date of the procurement contract: as per the awarding documentation provisions.

8. Subcontractors: subcontracting of the main activity is not allowed.

9. Alternative offers: not accepted.

10.a) Any interested business operator may obtain the awarding documentation upon written request sent to TAROM, Procurement Procedures Office, e-mail: and

b) Deadline for submission of requests for clarifications: 13 July 2017.

c) Deadline for the submission of offers: 24 July 2017, 15:00 hours (3:00 p.m.) Romanian local time (all the documents must be received by TAROM within the deadline settled above).

d) Offer submission manner: the offers shall be submitted by email at and or in paper format to the headquarters of TAROM located in Calea Bucurestilor nr. 224F, Otopeni, Ilfov County, Romania (to the attention of Procurement Procedures Office, located in CORP F - TAROM, 2nd Floor, room no.204) directly or by mail.

e) Language of the offer and of the supporting documents thereof: English.

11. Participation guarantee: not requested.

12. Ways to finance the price of the procurement contract: TAROM own funds.

13. Qualification criteria regarding the personal status, the economic and financial standing, as well as the technical and professional capacity of the bidders: according to the awarding documentation.

14. Carrying out of the awarding procedure: according to the “Rules on the award of the procurement contracts” of TAROM (published on the webpage

15. Period for which the bidder must maintain its offer valid: at least 180 days as of the deadline for offer submission.

16. Procurement contract awarding criterion: THE MOST ECONOMICALLY ADVANTAGEOUS OFFER.