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Agreement for the processing of personal data

I understand that the processing of personal data will be carried out in compliance with the provisions of Regulation No. 679 / 2016 enforced by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union for the approval of the protection rules regarding the processing of personal data, as well as the rules related to the free movement of this type of personal data.

I state that I am aware of the policy for the protection of personal data processed by TAROM and published on and/or attached to this Agreement under the name “Information on the processing of personal data”, and which is an integral part of this Agreement.

I hereby express my option regarding the processing of personal data as it follows:

The option expressed at section 1 above can be changed at any time, via the newsletter unsubscribing function (in the e-mail) or by subscribing to the newsletter on the website. The option expressed in points 2-3 above may be modified at any time by sending a written, dated and signed request at and will take effect within 10 days of receipt of the application. Filling in point 4 is necessary only for the provision of healthcare or special dietary services.