IMPORTANT! For certain international destinations, before arriving at the airport, it is MANDATORY to fill in the online forms requested by the authorities and to show at the check-in point the confirmation code

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TAROM, like all the other airlines operating flights to and from the countries affected by COVID-19, is currently facing an unprecedented situation.

The measures taken at global level to prevent the spread of the new virus and to limit the epidemic are also affecting the TAROM flight plans. Thus, in order to comply with the recommendations of the authorities, one of the measures we take is to temporarily stop flights to certain destinations.

The safety of TAROM’s passengers and crews has always been and will remain our main objective. Therefore, we will keep in operation only the flights that are considered safe also for limiting the COVID-19 epidemic, constantly adapting to the authorities’ regulations, and insofar as they will allow us to keep open, or to reopen, as many of TAROM’s regular routes.

We understand the responsibility we carry with you, those who choose to be passengers during these times, but also to our flight crews. Therefore, all TAROM aircrafts comply with the authorities' recommendations and are regularly disinfected.

Thank you for your trust every time you choose TAROM, and we are convinced that even in this atypical situation you will pay full attention to the instructions you receive from our flight crew.

In order to be able to answer all your requests, we have decided to temporarily extend TAROM’s Call-Centre program, so you can reach us any time at 021/9361 (normal charge). If due to the large number of calls you suffer delays in getting answered, you can also contact us at the following email address: We make every effort to respond to everyone as soon as possible.

Thank you for choosing TAROM and we assure you of our effort for your safety and comfort!