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Corporate & Events

TAROM offers rates at levels and conditions adapted to the specifics of your company’s traffic.

Corporate offers

TAROM offers fares at levels and in conditions tailored to the specificity of the traffic in your company.
Now you can access directly negotiated fares obtaining a significant discount on travel costs for your company personnel.

For further information and customised offers, we are available for a meeting on short notice, and you can contact us at:

Corporate TAROM
Telefon: 004(0)21 201 47 23
E-mail: [email protected]

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    TAROM Events

    TAROM Events is a comercial product dedicated to events organisers especialy for meetings, conferences etc. The most important advantages offeres by using TAROM Events consisnts of fare discounts for organisers/guests, flexibility of the fare conditions and the ability to coordinate your travel needs using a single contact point.

    Guests: minimum 10 passengers
    Destinations: minimum 2 international destinations operated by TAROM
    TAROM will be promoted during this events as the official carrier
    Corporate, Groups & Events
    Calea Bucureştilor nr. 224 F, Otopeni, România Aeroportul Internaţional Henri Coandă, Cladire corp F
    Telephone: 004(0)21 201 47 23
    E-mail: [email protected]
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