Passengers holding tickets on MADRID-BUCHAREST route (RO 418) or MADRID IASI route (RO 420) are asked to double-check the timetable of these flights as a result of timetable changes, as follows:

Flight RO 418 is departs now from Madrid at 22.10 local time on Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday/ Sunday instead of 01.15 a.m. of Tuesdays/ Thursdays/ Saturdays/ Mondays.

Flight RO 420 departs from MADRID as follows:

  • Friday (Thursday night to Friday) at 00.10 local time of Spain
  • Saturday at 23.10 local time of Spain
  • Monday at 23.59 local time of Spain


Please contact the TAROM Madrid office at (34) 915641883 / (34) 915648321 or any other TAROM office for further information.