IMPORTANT! For certain international destinations, before arriving at the airport, it is MANDATORY to fill in the online forms requested by the authorities and to show at the check-in point the confirmation code

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Taking into consideration  the current epidemiological context, and as a result of the new restrictions imposed to limit the spread of COVID 19, TAROM complies  with the regulations of the authorities, respectively point 8 of the Military Ordinance no. 3 / 24.03.2020. Thus, starting March, 23, 2020  the company, through the level management, has decided the followings:

  • To suspend all domestic flights, starting  March, 25 ,2020 , 12:00 HRS (landing time) for the next 14 days.
  • To suspend all  flights to / from  France and Germany, starting March, 26 ,2020  , 00:00 HRS, for at least 14 days.
  • We will continue to operate passenger flights to and from destinations considered to be at low risk, following the  regulations in force, flights which can be subject to the possibility of suspension if the situation will require it.
  • The only flights to be operated are  "cargo" and "humanitarian"  types, following the  regulations in force, the last ones having by definition a special regime.

"Our priority has been and will remain the health of our  passengers and our flight crews. And when we talk about public health, about the common good of the society, all other interests remain on the second place. Through all the measures taken, TAROM makes common front with the authorities in combating and eradicating  COVID 19 epidemic. It is an effort that we undertake economically in order  to manage to get back to normal, in the shortest possible time. It is a moment in which we all have to stay home, so that to continue to travel back together as soon as possible. ” - TAROM CEO,  George Barbu